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Las Lloronas starts in the streets of Brussels in winter 2017, as a temporary and spontaneous project. Sura Solomon (BE/USA), Amber in ‘t Veld (ES/NL) and Marieke Werner (DE) meet years earlier, sharing a passion for sociology, activism and art. This passion now translates and transforms into music. Reflecting their experiences and origins, their work merges world music and slam, giving birth to multilingual and intimate poetry. Harmonies happen effortlessly, provoking a musical crush between the three voices. This is what drives them to pursue the project professionally.
The band is currently in the midst of independently producing their second album, which was financed through a successful crowdfunding campaign and we are happy to have them here in Antwerp to give you a sweet taste.

Las Lloronas in concert

For this evening we enjoy the foyer of Zuiderpershuis
Waalse kaai 14
2000 Antwerpen
Doors : 19h
Concert : 20h