Dancing through life

What ever You decide to do,

make sure that it makes You happy.

Nia has become my way of life.

I need to share it.

Discovering your body,mind and soul through movement.

Discovering your body's way.

Let me move You!

My name is Sofia Mora.


Exercise is not only my job but also my passion.

Since young I am passionate with sports and movement.

At age 6 I started athletics at the age of 17 I became Belgian champion 400m hurdles. Whenever I could run, I felt that I was alive.

In secondary school I followed sportschool, and later I studied nutrition and dietetics because the human body fascinates me.

If you do not take care of your body, where are you going to live?

after that I studied musical at the Conservatory of Brussels, where dance and movement was a daily part of the study.


In 2008 I met Nia and I was instantly in love!

Dance opened my heart and I could show/be who I was.


In 2009, I took the white belt training in England with Ann Christiansen and a month later my first Niaclass was a fact!

I fel in love with Nia over and over again and soon more classes followed in my schedule.

Nia taught me to listen to my body and to get closer to myself.

Nia learned me to enjoy and invited me to go dancing through life.


In 2010 I also started AquaNia besides the many swimming classes that I was teaching the step to AquaNia came naturally! Although I teach this class it really is my hour of Me-Time I enJoy so much.


In 2011, I got into the Blue Belt in the hometown of Ann Christiansen Hamburg,Germany.

The focus of blue is the Art of communication. The intent is to create healthy relationships through body-centered communication.

Classes and workshops continued to grow and gave me more energy to keep doing what I love.


In 2012 I traveled to Studio Nia in Portland,America. The heart of Nia and I achieved my Brown Belt with Debbie Rosas and Ann Christiansen.

Focus: Art of perception

Intent: To live as an energetic being.

2020 I am still teaching and growing everyday!