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Estas Tonne

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Estas Tonne’ is a charismatic being who is committed to the artistic expression and to the authentic unfolding of music. Authenticity and self-renewal makes him explore the individuality of sound and the possibilities of how the sounding source can create a space that arises creatively and that in the same time allows the listener to momentarily adapt it – for the purpose of wellbeing and for the purpose of a shift.

By traveling to countless countries and places Estas Tonne finds himself in several cultural references without identifying himself with a single nation or country, rather with the cultural richness of the world. His music is therefore a reflection of many approaches. A fusion of classical structure, technique of Flamenco, roots of Gypsy, characteristics of Latin and Electronic Soundscape – a variety of styles flowing into each other almost unnoticed and showing up as surprises in a harmonious structure of sound, reaching out differently in each performance, yet always in unique form and melody.

Zola Dubnikova

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Zola Dubnikova bridges sacred dance, movement medicine, contemporary body science, masterful form, somatic awareness and ritual through her unique approach which she calls the “Holistic Dance Language.” Her extensive background fused with absolute devotion to the pursuit of dance as an ecstatic, spiritual experience, has birthed a unique style of both teaching & performing – which truly embodies the marriage between form and spirit. Trained extensively in traditional and contemporary dance forms, as well as healing arts, her style brings forth the wisdom of ancient dance ritual through a holistic lens intended to guide more people in accessing their divine capabilities.

Ziya Azazi

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was born in Antakya (TR) and lives in Vienna since 1994. His first confrontation with whirling was 1999 and he became interested more and more in traditional sufi whirling dance and created numerous contemporary interpretations and choreographic variations along this theme. Over the years spinning became his dance language. He has been performing and workshopping in numerous countries all over the world.


Liat Zion

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Musician | Singer | Healer


With a pure, warm and full voice, 

Liat brings us along on her own journey,

on waves of sound and emotion that touch deep inside the heart.

Liat is a vocal healer who studies the connection 

between voice and the emotional and spiritual world.

Her performance is an expression of the present moment.

Listen to Mother of Souls (feat. Liat Zion) by Estas Tonne

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