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I Come I See I Love

This website is a collection of everything I Love, because that is what life is all about... doing what You Love... following your heart and soul.
Since I realized everything is getting mixed up anyway.
Not really knowing anymore am I working or just enjoying things... Seems like I am working 7 days in a week but never feel like I am "working" or maybe Loving yourself and taking care of yourself is a full time job anyway...
Am I really "teaching" or just dancing and enjoying with people who gather around me.
Am I really "coaching" or just helping a dear heart to heal.
Am I really organizing an event or just gathering dear souls to have magic moments together.
I just try to fill my days with what I Love... sometimes I earn money with it, sometimes I get things no money can ever buy.
You will see me using different languages through the website because...
I love languages... please contact me in dutch,english, french or... Do not hesitate I will do my best to understand your language.

Please welcome to my life

Live Love Sparkle

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